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Sunday, September 8, 2013

Pure Super Green Coffee Extract review

Pure Super Green Coffee Extract 800mg 

  • Extracted from unroasted coffee beans
  • 800mg per capsule
  • A new study suggests taking green coffee bean extract could be a safe and effective way to lose weight

Pure Super Green Coffee Extract review

Green Coffee Bean Extract was recommended to me by a friend. I wound up with this brand at random; good price, easy to get etc. I noticed I had some of the effects talked about when I was taking it, but never as much as my friend seemed to get. I asked him what brand she was taking and when she told me, I did some searching online and compared the two. The big difference; Svetol. Her bottle had the key ingredient and this didn't. Turns out, Svetol is basically the most important ingredient.

I again took to the internet and picked up a GCBE with svetol- Svetol Green Coffee Bean Extract Plus Capsules + FREE Raspberry Ketones Powder (Svetol GCBE (1 Bottles) + FREE Raspberry 25 Grams). Comparing the two, it makes sense now why I didn't much of anything the first time I tried it. My energy levels were twice what they'd been on the 'regular' GCBE. And my late night cravings pretty much disappeared. The change was noticeable to say the least. One thing I am taking now too is the raspberry ketones which came included with the GCBE. So, for all I know, this brand is bogus too and its the ketone powder that is giving these benefits. But based on my research, as long as you look for the correct ingredient profile, you should feel the results everyone is talking about.

Product Description

Size: 180 caps
MaritzMayer Green Coffee Bean Extract 180 Capsules total.  

Size Name:60 caps
I saw the Dr Oz show rerun today about Green Coffee Bean Extract and they specifically mentioned that when searching for a quality product, you should look for a Certificate of Analysis. That analysis should tell you how much Chlorogenic Acid it contains. Chlorogenic acid is the chemical responsible for the weight loss and it should contain at least 50%. After receiving numerous calls from people who weren't losing weight, an investigation was launched and several brands were tested for their chlorogenic content. Dr Lindsay Duncan and Dr Oz were shocked by the results. MOST brands out there were significantly deficient in the substance, including one CLAIMING to have 50% that tested at only 0.04%. The certificate supplied with this product doesn't mention chlorogenic acid at all. All it tells you is that the powder PLUS its capsule weigh a total of 960 mg (give or take 50 mg), which, without telling you how much the capsule weighs by itself, doesn't even tell you how much of the powder you're getting. After seeing the image supplied by one customer, I'm not convinced of this product's authenticity at all. The color difference in the powders is obvious, and like others have said, it certainly shouldn't smell like cocoa or taste sweet. But it was the cost of this supplement that initally raised a red flag for me. At only slightly over 1/3 the cost of the brands that passed the analysis, I didn't believe the same quality would be there. Remember, if it sounds to good to be true, it probably is. 
Size Name:180 caps|Amazon Verified Purchase
I have a fitness background of over 13 years. Have run several Marathons across the globe, few triathlons and also was a professional sportsperson till a few years ago. My family has been into Coffee Cultivation for over 4 Generations now and are probably the largest coffee growers outside of South America's. Luckily, unlike Coffee used for beverages the quality of coffee bean used to make this green coffee extract need not be of the highest grade or even of a certain quality. All coffees beans (green) whether Arabica or Robusta (grown at lower altitude) have same amount of Chlorogenic Acid and therefore, cost per pound of Green Coffee extract is markedly lower then regular coffee. I don't see any Need to pay more then maybe, what the MaritzMayer Pure Green Coffee extract is priced at. The rest I feel are just cashing in on the hype created on Dr. oz's show. Also, I was aghast to know that Dr. Lyndon wo was featured on that show actually, owns the competitors brand. That's rather unfortunate.

That said I have barely used some borrowed MaritzMayers Pure Green Coffee Bean extract for any quantifiable results. I am recovering from a tendinitis suffered while training for 2010 Honolulu Marathon and have around 35 pounds to shed before I can train for few Marathons later this year. I will update you all on how this product has worked for me.

I will post pictures if need be. If this not work, I will try the other brand and see the results for myself. As for all those naysayers, if anyof you have lab test reports please, share for all of us to see.

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Green Coffee Extract 800mg 

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Pure Super Green Coffee Extract 800mg 



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