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Friday, November 15, 2013

Pure Garcinia Cambogia Extract, 50 Day Diet Plan

Pure Garcinia Cambogia Extract, 50 Day Diet Plan

  Garcinia Cambogia-2000mg Per Serving, 200 Capsules, Clinically Proven 50% Pure HCA Extract, Best Weight Loss Pills, Pure Garcinia Cambogia Extract, 50 Day Diet Plan

Garcinia contains naturally occurring HCA (Hydroxycitric Acid)
Supports appetite control and healthy lipid levels*
Made in the USA, 100% all natural, GMP certified

Product Description
Nature’s Perfect Appetite Control 100% Pure Garcinia Cambogia Extract with naturally occurring HCA (Naturally occurring Hydroxycitric Acid). 500 mg per Capsule and a generous 200 Capsules per Bottle. The clinically-proven Garcinia Cambogia extract is proven to naturally affect weight loss. For a dosage of 2,000mg, take 4 capsules daily.
For a more accelerated weight loss dosage, and a 3000mg dosage, take 6 capsules daily, and in this case a bottle will last 30 days. You should consistently take Garcinia Cambogia HCA Extract for at least 45 days to be able to reach your goals.
Most Helpful Customer Reviews
First of all, YES, I am a real person who does not have any connection to DAB Unlimited/Eden Pond/Divine Health Deals. Unfortunately, I purchased this item without reading all of the reviews. I simply saw something from Dr Oz recommending the item and looked for it on Amazon. This particular product was consistently rated highly so I went with it. HOWEVER, I received the package and the first thing I noticed was that it had an old label UNDERNEATH the new label!! WHAT?!?! It didn’t align (it said 1000mg instead of 2000mg). So they relabeled the bottle without changing what was inside the package. The other thing I noticed was that there aren’t any instructions (drink with a full glass of water, take with food, take them in the morning or spread them throughout the day, etc). There weren’t any claims (curb appetite, block fat, etc). Just pills in a bottle with a generic sticker.
My eagerness to shed some leftover baby weight overshadowed my common sense. In spite of my reservations, I took the product for several weeks. Nothing happened. No weight loss- Not a pound. Not an ounce. Nada. Zip. Nothing. It didn’t curb my appetite. There was no “increase in energy.” It didn’t make me `feel full.’ There were no “amazing results,” It wasn’t “effective” or even “subtle” in its effectiveness. It wasn’t even bottom basement “eh.” It’s ineffective…Period. I didn’t lose weight and, to be perfectly candid, I actually gained a couple of pounds. *cringe of embarrassment*
(OK, I hate to admit that I actually GAINED weight but, like I said, *this* is an HONEST product review.)
I went back to Amazon & started reading reviews. This time, I read ALL of the reviews (including *other* non-related product reviews written by the people who posted reviews for this item). I also focused on ALL of this product’s 1-star reviews FIRST, irrespective of the listed “helpfulness” because, as I’ve learned quite recently, a critical product review can receive dozens of “unhelpful” ratings to hide & obscure it so only positive product reviews rise to the top. Here is what I will say — although critical, my product review is honest and…well….real. The term “Amazon-verified” appears next to MY name because Amazon has independently verified that I ACTUALLY PURCHASED THE PRODUCT that is IN this product review. I’m not a reviewer who can’t show i BOUGHT the item, but yet (er….for whatever reason) feels compelled to visit Amazon just to give this product an effusively glowing 4 or 5-star review. I’m not just rating a product PICTURE & hoping you don’t think past your OWN hopes to wonder why i’m rating an item that i may never have actually BOUGHT. To lend credibility to this product review, I invite you to look at my other product reviews. You’ll find I don’t have product reviews for 3 to 10 of DAB’s weight loss items where I claim that every single one of them helped me lose a ton of weight. Nor did i just CREATE an Amazon profile *yesterday* for the specific purpose of exclusively rating 1 or 2 DAB items. I’m just a real, everyday person…humbly trying to share with you my real experience with this product.
And my experience is that, for ME, there were just too many significant product integrity concerns with this product. Everyone has to make their own assessment but when I took off my all-consuming “Must Lose the Baby Weight” hat and put on my “Business Professional” hat, I realized that I’d made a significant error in judgment. I should never have taken a product that was dual labeled. I should have conducted more robust *research* on the product – not just testimonials from unseen, unknown strangers cloaked in anonymity. But actual, legitimate product research to ascertain what I *should* be looking for so I’d know the right Garcinia Cambogia to purchase. Not all are created equal! It hit me like a ton of bricks. I realized that I DON’T know what happens after I push the button to buy this item over the computer screen. What do I know about *THIS* product? I mean…..what do I *REALLLLLY* know? The price? Sure. Do I know what’s in this bottle? Er….nope. And yet, I immediately saw the dual labels and was stupidly willing to ingest a potentially harmful product to lose a few extra pounds. Why is label tampering such a concern for me? Based on my 20+ years of experience in the industry, I KNOW that product companies don’t do that. EVER. (Could you see a “Regular Strength” bottle of aspirin just getting a new STICKER that says “Extra Strength” but the contents are the same?). There could be an innocent explanation for label tampering but…`What do I *really know* about this product?’ Just because someone gives me an explanation for dual labels, is it true? How do I know? How can *I* tell if the item has 2000mg or 1000mg? How can I tell if it even has 1000mg?! I know I *never* experienced any weight loss. Literally.Nothing.Happened (er…except the slight weight gain).
I realized that I just don’t know what’s IN this bottle. Sure, Dr Oz suggested Garcinia Cambogia but he didn’t endorse THIS SPECIFIC product. And I can’t blindly TRUST that the contents of this online product are what it’s claimed to be. There are TOO many things about this product that didn’t add up and resulted in my product/integrity concerns. Perhaps its a reasonably ok product & maybe others will have success. It didn’t work FOR ME. My product integrity concerns (including but definitely not limited to its actual sheer ineffectiveness, label tampering, etc) led me toss this product away. Thankfully, Amazon honored their A-to-Z Guarantee policy and refunded the ENTIRE COST of this purchase within literally *SECONDS*! If you’re looking for Garcinia Camobigia, my recommendation would be to go to GNC or Target’s pharmacy. Ask your physician. Talk to a professional. This isn’t a new pair of shoes or a good book. This goes *into* your body. If Garcinia Cambogia is what you want, go to a brick-and-mortar location and pick up something on the shelf. Don’t get me wrong, I love Amazon! But for something like this product, I just think it’s better (dare I say, `safer’) not to buy it online.
I hope you’ve found this review helpful. If it helps you, that’s fantastic. If it doesn’t, I tried. Either way, please take this little bit of information that I’ve shared and use it to move you forward to your goal. Good luck in your weight loss journey.
– Jacqueline
UPDATE: This vendor has changed its name several times(from Potential Dyanmix, to Eden Pond, to DAB, to Divine Health Deals,etc). Please note the comments below reference it as a DAB item. I saw their latest name change in my profile & was confused (i knew i hadn’t bought anything from Divine Health Deals). Not sure why they keep listing the product under different company names but wanted to clarify in case it changes again or causes confusion.
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