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Saturday, June 22, 2013

Svetol Green Coffee Bean Extract- 800mg


Svetol Green Coffee Bean Extract- 800mg

  • Inclusion of Svetol® ensures your getting the most effective form of Green Coffee Extract on the market
  • Double strength 800 mg per serving
  • 60 veggie capsules in each bottle.
  • High in Chlorogenic Acid!! for maximum effectiveness
  • Best weight loss formula on the market

Important Information

Safety Information
Warning: as with any supplement, even all natural, you should consult your physician prior to starting any new regime to be sure it does not react negatively with any medication you have currently been prescribed.

Each serving of Svetol Green Coffee Bean Extract contains 600mg green coffee extract and 200mg of Svetol.

Recommended dosage is one capsule twice every day, thirty minutes before meals. Take 30 to 60 minutes before eating

Product Description

Svetol Green Coffee Bean Extract-800mgOptimal Nutrition Svetol Green Coffee Extract provides safe and effective weight loss for anyone looking to lose weight. Using only premium SVETOL grade ingredients from Naturex this type offers higher Chlorogenic Acid concentrations than other types of green coffee extract.
Svetol Makes The Difference
What makes Svetol so much better? Because of its distinctive formula of Chloreogenic Acid. Chlorogenic acid helps the body reduce sugar and glucose absorption in the liver. Since the release of sugar to the bloodstream is slowed down the fat doesn't have a chance to build up. As a result the body will burn more fat which makes it easy to lose weight.
What Is Svetol
Svetol is produced from green coffee beans, it's almost entirely free of caffeine. Although there are other green coffee extracts on the market, only Svetol contains both complex chlorogenic acids and a very unique chlorogenic acid considered to be beneficial to health and well being. Each serving of Optimal Nutrition's Svetol Green Coffee Extract contains 600mg of pure Green Coffee Extract enhanced with 200mg of Svetol®
Benefits of Svetol Green Coffee Bean Extract For Diet Control

-Chlorogenic Acid which is contained in Svetol Green Coffee Extract helps to reduce blood sugar levels.
-Svetol Green Coffee Extract acts as a powerful appetite suppressant and reduces cravings.
-The extract boosts your metabolism, which in turn will increase weight loss and reduce the possibility of gaining weight.
Click the order button today to take advantage of this effective product and start losing weight right away!
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